Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Many Paths to Oneness

Even though the opposite of light is dark, Bagheera, a beautiful black Leopard, acknowledges the truth that both are required for wholeness. She has suffered much pain in her life, yet moves forward on a path that is not always understood. She is seldom seen at the sanctuary except by a few of the qualified volunteers to help take care of her and yet, she remembers her connection with others that makes it difficult to see any separation.

If you have been told you were different all your life, Bagheera has an inspiring thought she wants you to know. As you close your eyes, feel yourself blend with the space that surrounds you. Bagheera asks you let go of any feeling of separation. Consider in what ways you have been told you are different. As you see the difference, see the oneness. We all have one heart, one brain, share the same planet, experience the same emotions at various times in our lives, and have an intelligence that resides within us. Paradoxically, seeing the differences and oneness at the same time is an important step in becoming aware of the value each living creature has in the Divine plan.

Respecting the many paths we choose to travel dissolves the illusion there is only one path to Oneness. We affirm how interconnected we are and come from a position of compassion, a path becoming more traveled as Bagheera inspires us towards wholeness. Send a quiet "Namaste" to Bagheera. She knows this means "that which is sacred in me honors that which is sacred in you."