Friday, November 23, 2007

Getting High

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest days for the sanctuary. As I arrived in the cool air this morning, Cheetaro was there to greet me. He must have known the sanctuary was expecting a lot of people because he was putting on a show. So excited to see all the activity, he couldn't decide which area would serve his needs so as not to miss anything.

He ran from one end of his Cat-A-Tat to the other. Leaping into one of his trees, he stretched out his long body, testing each branch before putting his full weight on the entire limb. He quickly jumped higher and higher until his head was touching the top of his Cat-A-Tat. Perched purr-fectly in the neck of the tree, he sat quietly with only his tail twitching from side to side.

As the people started to come for the tours, he quickened his pace, streaking across any obstacle that laid in his path. A golden streak of light caught the attention of everyone who was checking in. How magnificent Cheetaro was as he expressed his delight and anticipation of the day. His communication was clear-climbing high would provide him the best vantage point to see the overall picture unfolding. How often do we think we see the overall picture from a perspective of standing at the bottom of the tree instead of climbing to the highest branch?