Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Feelings in Translation

It's not unusual when you see an ocelot for the first time to misunderstand them. Even though they can be real stinkers because their natural home is in the Rainforest, they never mistake what they are feeling. Amazing Grace is very vocal and it would be easy for you to confuse how she is feeling because of all the different noises she utters. Grace has some insights that will help you translate what you are feeling.

Stretch out and relax as you get comfortable. Visualize Grace curling up beside you, and ask her to guide you as you begin to look more deeply at your feelings. Grace is asking you if feeling butterflies in your stomach or feeling your heart beating fast is a sign of fear or could they be translated as excitement and curiosity as a new opportunity comes your way. Sometimes we have not been taught how to welcome an opportunity, so we indulge our anxiety instead of awakening our courage.

Framing events or situations a little differently can drastically shift our mental state from one of fear and resistance to one of openness and excitement. Grace encourages you to be vocal about this new way of seeing things by saying out loud, "I am excited about...." or "I am looking forward to ...". As you verbalize your feelings, you will feel your energy shift from fear, which often paralyzes you, to excitement, which empowers you. Next time you see an ocelot, do as they do, be vocal about how you feel and claim your power as you move into action when the opportunity presents itself. Thank Grace for a new way of translating how you feel into a positive way of BEING.