Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tobi's Secret

Small and agile, Tobi, a small American Cougar, will catch your heart as soon as you see her. Being around her heightens your sensitivity as you watch her disappear in the thick foliage in her Cat-A-Tat, only to reappear as a magician somewhere else. She will invigorate you, and you will feel good being around her. Tobi knows you can be around people or situations that will drain you of your energy especially if you are sensitive and wants to help keep you strong.

As you practice these self-care exercises, ask Tobi to join you. Preparation is very important for any task, and Tobi wants you to relax and close your eyes as you tune into your own energy and ground yourself by visualizing yourself as a tree. See the roots go deep into the ground. This is the first step Tobi wants you to take before going to a party or participating in any activity. This helps to keep your energy strong and intact. This will also help prevent other energy carrying you away. You can also practice any activity that gives you energy such as a nice relaxing walk or a bath. You can also carry some special crystal or gemstone that protects you and keep it close to you, holding it when you need to be reminded you are grounded and safe.

Tobi also suggests that if things get tough, disappear for a moment just like she does in order to take a deep breath or take a break to check in with yourself and correct any energy imbalances that you may feel. This is a way Tobi keeps her energy strong and is able to open herself up to others. Being sensitive is a good way of BEING. This is The Secret of strength. Tobi knows this Secret can help open hearts that have been closed.