Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Small Things Count

A smile came to my face as I stood and watched Shere Khan play with a new addition to his and China Doll's Cat-A-Tat. They now have a big "water bowl" and even though they have a huge lake to swim in, Shere Khan was trying his best to get into his new pool. Of course there was no way this was going to happen, but Shere Khan didn't care.

As Khan continued to hug his new pool, China Doll decided she was going to partake of this new addition. Khan quickly let her know her timing was way off. As she backed off, she quietly laid down beside him. Remaining close, she would wait until she thought he had had enough, then she would sneak over to the pool only to be delayed as Khan would quickly return. This interaction continued for quite a while. This was a new dimension for both of them, and you could see the stimulation for their minds and bodies.

It was a gentle reminder that until we no longer need sanctuaries, we should not discount the small things we can provide for the animals as they spend their natural lives in captivity. What we take for granted or don't have any meaning to us can and do make a huge difference in the life of an animal that now depends upon us to help their quality of life. In realizing this connection, could it be that this is a way that provides freedom for all?