Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pisces's Mission of Awareness

Sometimes we experience an event that causes our hearts to become very sad. It is at these times we feel like withdrawing from life. Contrary to logic, it is at these times, if we reach out to those we trust, we open ourselves up to receive messages that the universe is communicating to us. We never know what someone else's experience may stir within us to help us expand our awareness and grow.

Pisces, Big Cat Rescue's male fishing cat, knew it was time he continued his evolution in a different realm and left his physical body. Pisces leaving us not only brings a sadness to those who knew and loved him, but also to those who realize we are one step closer to experiencing a species that is near extinction. Having the honor and privilege of personally getting to know an exotic, wild animal transforms you as you realize they are a BEING with their own unique personality and character. It is also very apparent that you are witnessing a moment in humanity's history when we have the opportunity to make a difference in the perspective of how we have considered animals and be a voice to facilitate change and compassion.

Pisces message is one of action NOW. Let us remember the connectedness of every living being. Every time an animal dies, something within us dies. Awareness and remembering this wisdom is the essence of Pisces leaving and only one more fishing cat remains at Big Cat Rescue, and she is helping usher in her wisdom of the Age of "Aquarius." Thank you Pisces for being a part of our lives. We will miss you!