Monday, September 03, 2007

Picked Clean

Cameron has a huge responsibility at the sanctuary. Being the King, the cats look up to him. You can hear his roars no matter where you are, and he is very protective of Zabu. He is also an excellent teacher. One of the experiences he shared with me last week involved a bone. One day a week, the cats are given bones and at first glance, it appears to be no big deal unless you ask a cat what they think about their bone.

Before the volunteers could clean the Cat-A-Tats, I noticed that some of the cats had left their bones in different stages of decay, and the bones were being shared with flies and ants or any other creature that happened to be close to it. Everything was working hard to pick away the pieces that were dead. I was watching one of the cats renew his interest in his bone from the previous night. He licked and licked, pulling what little meat was left completely off the bone. By the time he had finished, it was completely clean, and I noticed it was starting to become hollow.

I heard Cameron roar, and I felt the urge to ask him why cats clean their bones so nothing is left but a hollow bone. Cameron shared with me an interesting perspective that we can apply in our lives. Often life has a way of cleansing us of things that no longer serve us. We may feel as though we have been "picked clean." What is left is a clear vessel for our spirits to flow, no different than a hollow bone. We are then able to allow love and compassion to flow without any obstructions. Only Cameron could show us how special bones are.