Saturday, September 15, 2007

Moon Gardens

Coming out to the sanctuary will provide limitless ways that can inspire new ideas. I generally come with a blank mind and the intention of expecting new and creative ideas. I allow my senses to connect with whatever IS. For example, the last Friday night tour provided some inspiration to create a moon garden. The tour stopped at Tiger Lane to see TJ and Bella. As the guide shared their stories, I saw some "spooky" things that glowed in the dark.

I would not have known what these critters were except Glen, one of our volunteers who gives a great tour, had pointed out the night life whose eyes glow in the dark. As we continued to walk, I started to see Nature's bounty that had been designed to be enjoyed after the sun has disappeared. There were sweet fragrances of flowers, comforting sounds coming from bamboo swaying in the gentle breeze, and foliage that danced in the moonlight.

We are so used to seeing shades of beauty in the sunlight; however, with the help of the cats providing insight into who they are at night, we also have the potential to see shades of beauty in the darkness. Choose an area of your yard that you can transform into a moon garden. It will provide food and nourishment for your soul, and it will remind you that the cats have shared another secret into their world.