Friday, September 14, 2007

Divinity's Family Plan

Family planning can be very difficult as Divinity, a beautiful Blue Bobcat, has discovered. She lives with Takoma, Apache, and Selena, and each one has their own needs. What is very special about this family unit is they can never take a vacation away from each other. So, how do they prepare each day to meet their individual needs and live in harmony with each other? Divinity and her family members chose to take a creative and visionary approach to family planning.

Sneak away from the outside distractions and relax. Think about your family members as you exhale and let go. Divinity asks you to consider what qualities and experiences you want to plan to emphasize and develop within your family unit. Most of us are going to have enough experience to know what is going to work or not with our families. Start by considering what you feel the world needs more of? Divinity felt the world needed more love, so she shows up when people walk by to share the love she has with them.

Determining what you value the most and how to plan and create that within your family is both creative and empowering. It's a great way to BE aware of creating your reality and benefiting the world. This way of BEING can be passed along to your children as they learn how to envision and create what they want. Divinity's family planning not only focuses on being prepared, but how to create a vision for your family that will affect everyone everywhere.