Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Can't Hold Their Licker?

Sometimes, people ask me why the cats behave the way they do. I will ask the cats and it is amazing what they say. For example, you may notice some of the cats licking themselves as you come on the tour. This may bring back memories such as slowly drifting to sleep on the sofa after an exhausting day at work, and the sound of someone who can't hold their "licker" is going to work. Somewhere you muster the energy to ask them to stop before they hurt themselves, but chances are it's not going to be effective because the animal is using licking as a form of communication.

We all know licking is a form of affection and love; however, licking also provides many clues into what the animal is trying to convey to us for their emotional needs. Take for example, when animals have been taken away from their mother at a very young age, they don't have the opportunity to learn a lot of the necessary life skills. As a result, when they get stressed, they will lick themselves in an effort to find comfort. This often happens at night, and the predominant areas they will lick are their paws and legs.

Another reason animals lick is they are doing their own energy work. Often, it can be mistaken for grooming. They are stimulating areas of their bodies that have blocked or stagnant energy. They are trying to release the flow of energy so their body will heal. They will also lick their meridians. This will help you identify an organ that may be out of balance.

Animals have not forgotten that saliva holds healing chemicals that are released by licking. Have you ever cut your finger? What is the first thing you instinctively do? You put it in your mouth and lick the cut. You stop the bleeding in addition to starting the healing process. There is research proving that people who have been paralyzed have been healed and are walking as a result of an animal licking the affected area.

When the annoying sound of the licking begins, listen to what is being said from your heart instead of your head. There is a message being spoken of needing help and guiding you to understand how you can be of service. There will be a unity of compassion as you know it's a good thing when they can't hold their "licker."