Friday, August 31, 2007

Stellar Dreamtime

Jade teaches us about our Power Animals in our dream time tonight. As you look up at the stars, you will see animal forms come to life as the twinkle from each star lights up with power. The stars provided information and guidance to the ancients. It was also believed that the animals in the sky came to earth as Power Animals.

Power animals are different than our animal guides. Ancient cultures believed power animals were our spirit guardians that existed in other realms. Some cultures believed that when a person fell ill, their power animal had left them, leaving that person without any protection. Our modern culture has forgotten our connection with a Power Animal.

To find your Power Animal, think about what animal you have always been attracted to or what animal you feel is most like you. Consider any animals you regularly dream about or which animal stir your emotions. You may think about what animal you would want to be or least want to be. Chances are, your Power Animal is not who you think it is because it is your guardian, not guide.

If you want to work with a flower essence that will assist you in connecting with animals as spirit guides, FES has formulated Forget-Me-Not. Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson will invite you to choose your Power Animal from a deck of cards. It doesn't matter what vehicle you choose to remember your Power Animal. Be open and affirm that it will show itself to you soon. Keep your eyes focused on the stars above as you fall asleep knowing your Power Animal will appear.