Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Showers of Emotional Intelligence

Cleo-Cat-Tra, a very sweet Serval, knows what it is like to hide behind bushes and logs. But, she has had great courage to move forward with her life after being rejected by her human family. It would have been easy to continue to hide her feelings in the thick of a very scary situation, but she choose to express them instead. Our culture has not traditionally supported emotional awareness, and as a result, we have often kept them hidden within our beings. Storing these emotions in our minds and bodies can result in health issues. But, Cleo wants to share how easy it is to simply allow our emotions to be felt.

Surrender to a quiet moment and allow your body to completely relax. No hiding from Cleo as she curls up beside you. Focus on a situation that has hurt you or perhaps you have projected misguided anger at someone. Allow yourself to fully feel your feelings as they arise. Become aware of the area of the body where you are feeling this emotion. Now, as you exhale deeply, see the emotion leaving your body on your breath. Don't mentally analyze or think about why it happened. Just allow your feelings to be felt and released. It is that simple.

Cleo knows that the deeper purpose of our feelings is to transform our inner being. This is how she is able to shower everyone with love and desires that love to be returned. By relaxing and allowing her feelings to flow, she makes space for more feelings to flow. Cleo developed emotional intelligence as she became aware of the importance of feeling her feelings. Shower Cleo with love and gratitude for assisting your emotional intelligence.