Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Shadow Knows

Dusk is creeping into the sanctuary as people have gathered to see the "Night Tour." It's a special time when the cats can be seen with a different perspective. As we start the tour, one of the favorite cats has recently been moved directly on the tour path. Much to his liking, as he is always ready to talk, I hear his luring voice calling me over to him as the tour guide proceeds to share Shadow's story.

"People don't understand Night Tours," Shadow said. "Of course they do," I replied. "They come to see your beautiful eyes shine in the dark, and everyone knows cats are more active at night than during the day." Although I knew this was obvious to Shadow, my mind was racing with any kind of angle I could think of that Shadow already knew. "Do you know why we are more active at night?" At first, I thought this might be a trick question, but my experience with animals has taught me they are pure innocence, so I played along with Shadow and said, "No."

"We are very active at night because of the excitement." "Excitement?" I asked. "We enjoy the night, and there are special opportunities that come with night. But, after the night, comes the dawn. We know the dark of night occurs before the dawn, and we are always excited to see the dawn." I never thought in terms of being excited during the dark times because of anticipation of the dawn or light appearing. Have you? I remained behind to ponder how different people would be if they realized the light always comes after the dark of night and to be excited during the dark times instead of giving up or focusing on the night. The cats focus on the dawn during the night. A self-help book may be forthcoming about what The Shadow Knows.