Monday, August 27, 2007

Morgan's Connection

Sometimes we take for granted the people and animals that share our lives. They always seem to be there when we need them, and animals always give from their hearts. Morgan, a very sweet South American Cougar, shared her presence with anyone that came by. She would often come and greet tours, offering them a sample of her purrrring. We would be encouraged to be quiet for a moment and gently bend over slightly so we could hear her voice.

As a volunteer at the sanctuary, I have chosen not to have any favorite cats. They are all unique and special. Each have their own life purpose and personality. It is challenging not to have any favorites because they all will steal a piece of your heart and unknowingly, they have caught you. Words cannot describe the loss in your heart when they decide it is time to leave their physical body and continue life in other realms. The question, "Why" is followed by tears filling your heart, and you wish you could have done more.

I believe Morgan has a message for us regarding how we can help. The cougars have been leaving the planet in mass numbers. Several have chosen to leave this year at the sanctuary. I can't help but think there is a connection, and they are telling us about their plight to survive. Record numbers are being killed on our highways as we continue to destroy their habitat. Morgan is reminding us that we are all connected. Everything we do affects everyone around us. How can we help the cats? Acknowledge our connection with them. Respect the relationship. Give from our hearts before they completely disappear. Thank you for sharing your life with us Morgan. We will miss you.