Thursday, August 30, 2007

Going Around in Circles

As I often observe the cats, I see things most people don't see. For example, sometimes when Willow is bored, she will walk around in circles. There is nothing special about a circle or is there? It is a straight line that is curved. It is a very simple form. But, could it be the cats are communicating something special to us as they walk in circles?

Some people believe the Zen circle represents enlightenment. Each circle is void of space in the center. It is empty and blank. The curved line is the building block of all life. Buddhist monks create these circles to express their truth. They often write short passages to accompany the circles using different words, but expressing the same truth...."Make your heart child-like, and you will understand."

The cats are always creating. They are not just going around in circles. They know everything begins with the One. They are constantly reminding us of the unity and relationship we have with one another. The cats show us that the unassuming shape of a circle holds great meaning that communicates the key to healing the heart. What does your heart hear as you go around in a circle?