Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Feeling Lost

Baby Cakes is a sweet, small Genet who "found" his way to the sanctuary. He didn't have a map to look at or to help him figure out how he was going to reach his destination. A map helps only if there is one for the territory you find yourself in or you know your destination. So, how did Baby Cakes know the right way to go? Baby Cakes knows humanity is in uncharted territory and covering ground that our ancestors never knew. Not knowing exactly where we are, who we are, or where we are going can leave us feeling lost.

Baby Cakes quickly beckons you to lay down on your favorite blanket and close your eyes. Feel your body relax as you take a deep breath. When Baby Cakes got lost, the beauty he found in his experience was the opportunity to look within himself to find his way. Since he didn't have a map, he had to go on instinct. He knew his inner compass would show him the way. He didn't have an address, but he followed what his inner promptings were saying. Step by step, he kept moving forward, trusting the universe was supporting and guiding him. He didn't wait until he knew where he was going before he started, he kept moving.

If you are feeling lost and don't know where to turn for guidance, follow the lead from Baby Cakes. Feel your own way instead of following an established path. You will learn to trust yourself. It is the trust that connects you with the universe and brings awareness that no matter how lost you feel, as you start your journey, on the inner level, you have already reached your destination. Send Baby Cakes a heart hug as you will never feel lost again because you will trust your instincts and find the way.