Monday, July 23, 2007

A Purr-plexing Purrsonality

Not a day goes by that Purrsonality, a mischievous Serval, is not challenged by her environment. At first glance, it appears as though she has nothing to worry about because she has a safe home at the sanctuary. In addition, she gets regular food and has the opportunity to see people on tours. But, Purrsonality is still a wild cat living the rest of her life at a sanctuary. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she has accepted this as an opportunity to evolve and grow.

Purr-plexing as challenges may be, Purrsonality is offering some insights that make these a necessary process in our spiritual growth. As Purrsonality hisses an invitation to join her, take a deep breath and release any tension in your body as you get comfortable. Close your eyes and feel the compassion Purrsonality has for you. She asks that you remember a situation that broke your heart. She has healed her heart by changing her perception of her life. Instead of dwelling on being in a Cat-A-Tat, she knows she is supported and taken care of. She grows stronger as she puts one foot in front of the other as she rises to the challenge. Often, she goes slow and makes observations along the way. She never thinks about not being ready.

When you feel the world is testing you and giving you more than you can handle, think of Purrsonality's journey as she has learned about herself and now looks for challenges as she knows when you are in the midst of a growing period, it's not always easy to see the reward...but, it's there waiting for you to grow big enough to reach it. Send Purrsonality gratitude for opening your heart to become more compassionate about the challenges not only in your life, but also to the challenges of others as you grow in wisdom.