Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cool Cats

We are experiencing the dog days of summer, and I continue to be amazed how cool the cats are at the sanctuary. I always learn so many new things and am continually inspired as I volunteer at Big Cat Rescue. Let me share with you some of the ways the cats are being cool as we are nearing the peak of summer.

TJ and Bengali saunder over to their pools and as they test the water with a paw, they slowly allow their legs to go deeper into the water as they squat to feel the coolness on their bellies before laying in the water. Shere Khan and China Doll go for a short swim before stretching out for an overdue nap. Pharaoh plays in the water as his water bowl is cleaned and filled. Raindance lifts her face to feel the spray of the water as it splashes off her water bowl as a volunteer cleans her lockout. Catera runs through the dense palmetto bushes feeling the cool drops of water as they ricochet off his eating block. The cougar cubs take turns pawing and then "falling" in their pool. Some of the other cats like small pools of water as they paw and play in their drinking bowls that are freshly filled. The fishing cats take a dip after stalking the peacocks that dare to come close to their Cat-A-Tats. Yet other cats are asleep in their dens or under the shade of the trees and others sit high on top of their dens keeping cool as any slight breeze fans over them.

Want to BE cool during these hot summer days? Come out to Big Cat Rescue and get inspired by the infinite possibilities of what it takes to be cool.