Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cat Lore?

As I was volunteering at the sanctuary today, I heard some strange noises coming from the cats. I also noticed some behavior that was a little different to say the least until I remembered this was a full moon. There is so much lore around cats and the full moon, I thought I would offer some possibilities as to why this is so.

Did you know in Ancient Greece, the culture believed at the beginning of the world, the sun and moon created all animals? The sun created the Lion, but it was the moon that created the Cat. Like the moon, the Cat comes alive at night as you observe the bright light of the moon increase in their eyes as they see things that appear to not be there. Their eyes are acting as beams exposing things that were hidden just as the light of the full moon reveals what is concealed in darkness. Cat's eyes have also been associated with the moon as they change from crescent to round. A Greek poet once claimed that cats were so in tune with the moon that their body size would increase or decrease according to the waxing or waning of the lunar cycle.

Finally, at Kirk Braddan, in the Isle of Man, there is an old cross built into a wall of a church that is a wheel cross. The cross is divided into four quadrants, three of which contain cats. There is a lean cat, a plumper cat and one that is just fat. The fourth quadrant contains a shrew mouse. The number of teeth a shrew mouse has is 28 vs. the 26 a common rodent has. All of this correlates to the days of a lunar cycle with the various size of cats representing the stages of the moon. Could it be that the ancients are helping us remember that cats embody a power that is as old as creation?