Thursday, July 26, 2007


One of the greatest gifts we can give to another is to act as their guardian. It doesn't matter if it is for a specific situation or an ongoing commitment, each one will benefit from the relationship. So it is with Shiloh and Indian Summer. Two Bobcats, who have lived together for a long time at the sanctuary, have protected each other and helped one another grow.

While they are neither one very fond of people, I have been inspired by Shiloh holding the space for Indian Summer to allow the opportunity to do what is necessary to move forward in her life. He has provided her with emotional sustenance that has helped prepare her for any challenge that may come her way. His comprehension of her needs has given him guidance on how best he can be of service to her.

Is there someone in your life that your guardianship can enable them to persevere through almost any condition? Shiloh knows that with loving intentions as you enter your role as a guardian, you will help care and protect others as individuals while living their lives with grace.