Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shanghai's Art of Focus

Sometimes when we try to protect ourselves, we can inadvertently keep out the good that is coming our way. Shanghai, a gorgeous Asian Leopard Cat, is shy and would rather not have to protect himself physically in daily life. All of his senses are tools that he uses to keep engaged in the world, yet has physical scars as evidence of allowing the universe to work magic on his behalf. How can that be?

Learning the art of focus is practicing energy protection. Shanghai can help you learn to filter distractions as he asks you to go into hiding for just a short time. As you close your eyes and exhale, feel Shanghai and his ancestors surround you. As Shanghai creates the vision of himself in the wild, feel what he is feeling. Every blade of grass beckons investigation. Every sound requires stillness to discern the message. The weather communicates his time spent for daily activities. Rather than focusing on what he doesn't want to happen today, he leaves himself open to new experiences. He is making room for something better in his life.

Shanghai was having difficulty protecting himself. He didn't know he would find the perfect home at the sanctuary where he would never have to protect himself again. He trusted. By practicing the art of focus, he was investing his attention into making his life a positive experience. Sometimes what appears to be a negative experience that leave us with physical scars can often guide us on an accelerated path of spiritual growth. We trust even though at the time, it doesn't look good on the surface. Focus on what you want, and the distractions will fall away. You will always be protected. Send Shanghai and the animal spirits gratitude as they have cleared the way for a positive experience in your life.