Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Shadow Knows

"Shooooh. Shooooh." My legs were getting sore as I had been swatting myself all morning cleaning some of the Cat-A-Tat's. I know it isn't summer yet; however, the humidity has gotten worse, and the usual overgrowth of foliage is starting to creep up everywhere giving shelter to a variety of insects. As I continued to swat myself, I saw several of the cats looking at me as though I were doing some kind of strange dance they didn't want anything to do with except one. I could hear him laughing and it was "bugging" me, so I decided before I put on the bug spray, I would check out what The Shadow Knows.

"Being bugged?" Shadow asked. A vision of a fly swatter I saw recently at a store flashed across my mind as I replied, "I fail to see the humor in things crawling up my legs, dashing across my arms, and stinging me in all the wrong places." "Maybe they have a message for you," Shadow said. I knew I had a message for them, but I had forgotten that insects often "bug" us until we get the message and then will disappear.

Just then, a bumble bee buzzed around the top of my head. "Are you stopping to smell the flowers?" asked Shadow. I let out a deep sigh as the bee flew away without any encouragement from me. "The bee was buzzing around to remind you to slow down and connect with nature. We all share this earth and need each other for our survival," said Shadow. I knew Shadow was right. Working with the insect kingdom instead of fighting it allows us the opportunity to learn to live in harmony with all living beings as The Shadow Knows.