Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sassy's Channels of Emotion

Do you ever feel irritable and impatient with everyone around you? Sassy, a little Caracal full of fire and hiss, knows how it feels to be calmly laying and minding her own business when Rusty, her mate, walks by when least expected and interrupts her peace. If you feel the same way, Sassy has a couple of ideas to share with you that help her regain her internal equilibrium so she can re-attune herself to her responses to Rusty and her environment.

Though the feelings that certain people, events and situations awaken within us may be quite strong, we can channel them into a variety of activities. Choosing this new way of BEING begins with closing your eyes and relaxing. Ask Sassy to lay down beside you as take a deep breath and think about how you react with your intense emotions. Sassy reminds us our reactions are ours to control when we accept that the emotional responses we have to the world around us need not dictate how we choose to BEhave. For example, instead of lashing out, we can take up creative pursuits by our joy, pain, sorrow or passion, and discovering we are in possession of a deep reservoir of imagination we can draw upon when in need of inspiration.

When we choose to respond this way, we are empowered to make constructive use of our feelings regardless of the nature of the circumstances unfolding around us. We will see and acknowledge that the path we choose to take is ours to determine. We will feel less irritable and calmer once we recognize that we do not have to react peevishly to the tumultuous feelings coursing through us. We can maximize our experience by creating new channels of emotions. To BE or not to BE empowered is the question Sassy leaves us with as we send her heartfelt thanks.