Monday, June 11, 2007

A Pawsitive Positionality

Everyone knows we can't live without water. We are going to have plenty of experiences that will help us remember this vital fact, but maybe not for the physical reasons we think. One aspect of animal communication is that the language is subtle because it is from the heart. The heart does not need to yell to communicate as does our mind. The cats were up to their clever "training" techniques on me yesterday as I was pouring the water into me as quickly as it was being sweated out as I cleaned their Cat-A-Tats.

I noticed Pharaoh's water bowl being half-full. As I went to empty, clean and refill it, he hissed at me (his term of endearment.) I stopped and got very quiet. He was providing an exercise that gave me the opportunity to observe if my mind was engaged in half-full or half-empty thinking. Although he loves to play in the water and it is a requirement for life, the water also provides healing, not only for our physical bodies, but our mental bodies.

For example, if I look at my life from a half-empty consciousness, I come from a position of lack and entitlement, in other words, a victim. My position is not recognizing the power within me to change the half-empty situation. On the other hand, if I see my life as half-full, I am very great-full for what I have, and I come from a position of infinite resources. This fullness will attract pawsitive energy and attract more abundance until my life is completely full of whatever it is I desire. The cats have always known the SECRET is to have a pawsitive positionality no matter what the circumstances .