Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Lure of a Cat

The last several days have been extremely warm with high humidity. Summer has finally made its presence known, and it will be a few months before we feel some relief from the heat. It would be tempting to hurry and clean the Cat-A-Tats with the increasing heat; however, the volunteers have an obligation and responsibility to the cats to make sure they give them the best service they can.

I have recently been at the sanctuary more than usual and have noticed a change going on with the cats. As you know, the cats have a different perspective than we do about life and want to offer us an expanded view of the summer heat. Instead of doing things in a hurry, the cats suggest we slow down and take the opportunity to see things we would not normally see if we were scurrying around. To help the volunteers understand this concept, several of the cats have changed their usual "pooh" place. At first, it doesn't seem as though this is any big deal until you are ready to pick up the pace of cleaning because you are hot, sweaty and tired.

As you are confidently attracted to their usual area of deposit, you suddenly realize it is not there. Questions rush through your mind until you realize, it has to be there, but where? You look and look, but find nothing. You may even find yourself standing and looking at the cat asking, where is it? The cat has successfully lured you into slowing down and carefully examining the bigger picture. You sift through leaves and uncover mounds of dirts. You start to see details and how things blend together to make a beautiful landscape. Finally, a smile forms as you find what you were looking for as the cat drifts to sleep planning your next lesson.