Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hope in Hardship

When we encounter adversity, the stress we feel can erode our optimism, eventually convincing us that the issues we face cannot be overcome. In truth, there is no situation so dire, no challenge so great, and no choice so bewildering that it cannot be overcome, just ask Modnic, one of Big Cat Rescue's new tigers. Though we may believe that all avenues have been closed to us or that our most conscientious efforts will come to naught, we are never without feasible options, and Modnic shares with us her hope she found in hardship.

Modnic was rescued at the last minute as she watched the only home she had ever known be torn down around her. Everything was collapsing, and she knew at the end of the day, her life would end if something did not happen to turn this situation around. Modnic was in a cage she had called home since she was born, and even when it seemed she had nowhere left to turn, there was a solution waiting for her. Modnic discovered as difficult as the obstacle plaguing you seems, it is no match for the love of a supportive universe that has been a part of your life since the day of your birth and will be with you forevermore. Modnic had surrendered to a higher power and was not misguided by her fear as this would have given rise to the notion that there are problems without solutions.

Modnic knows even if all you can do is change your perspective to turn an impediment into an opportunity to grow, you will have found the hope that is an inherent element of all hardship.
The only insurmountable obstacles are the ones you create in your own mind—and these can only exert power over you if you let them. Uncertainty will always be a part of your existence, but perseverance and mindfulness will never fail to see you through to the other side of hardship where joy can thrive. Try and remember that no matter what life places at your feet, there is absolutely no situation that cannot be resolved with time, love, and friendship. It won't be long before you can come and see Modnic starting to thrive with joy in her heart as her hardships are over and she has found love.