Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Shadow Knows

Spring is in full bloom, and textures of green are deepening in the landscape. I had an opportunity to talk with Sylvester a few days ago, and as I was speaking with him, I wondered why he likes to sit sometimes in trees. I also asked him why he likes to play with the water, why he follows the golf carts and other observations that I wanted more information about when I kept hearing the word "because." Every time I would ask "why," I would hear "because." I knew who kept saying "because" and told Sylvester I would be back to get HIS answers, but first I had to go to the source of who was interrupting and gain understanding "because" The Shadow Knows.

Shadow was determined to answer "because" to every question I prefaced with "why." Growing up, I can't remember how often I would ask "why" to anything I didn't understand only to be given the answer "because" period. People would get quiet after their response, and I would ask "because why." Again, the response would typically be "because." I hadn't thought of this in years until seeing Shadow. He sat looking up at the trees. I looked at Shadow. I looked up at the trees. "Shadow, why are you looking at the trees?" I asked. Shadow replied, "Because."

I know cats love to play games and had come to the conclusion Shadow was playing with me when I heard him say, "Look up and how many leaves do you see?" As I looked around, I couldn't begin to count how many leaves were in different stages of budding and blooming. "There are too many to count," I replied. "That's how many ways there are to interpret something that doesn't mean anything in reality "because" it just IS." The Shadow Knows I am getting used to these AHA moments.