Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hooked on a Feeling

Do you remember how wonderful it feels to finally give in and allow the tears to flow when we are overwhelmed with our emotions? Tears come from deep within our soul, and when we surrender to the prickling behind our eyes and the lump in our throat, teardrops naturally fall from our eyes. Feelings surface so they can be set free. This was my response as I watched the video Big Cat Rescue produced as they saved the lives of four tigers.

TJ, one of the four beautiful tigers, is already working his magical powers to transform us. As we witnessed the inhumane conditions TJ had known all of his life change, this magnificent Being is now able to stretch his long legs and feel the grass against his belly. He has his own den to rest in out of the hot sun. His water bucket is always full of fresh water for him to drink. He gets fed on a daily basis. TJ's mind can now be stimulated by the lizards, birds and insects that visit his home.

Tears of joy fill our hearts as we watch TJ settle into a better life, yet one that is less than he deserves. Watching TJ begs the question, "Why are we compelled to cage and exploit animals? Where is the compassion and feelings towards our fellow Beings?" TJ knows he is a messenger to humanity and that word is spreading about the interconnectedness of all living creatures. TJ is hooked on a feeling that everything is going to be okay for the first time in his life. Has TJ hooked you on that feeling?