Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hallelujah's Secret Strength

Hallelujah is a beautiful, South American Cougar, whose strength can be compared to an archer, dressed in elegant, traditional Japanese garb, holding a bow and arrow at a perfectly calculated angle. The archer gracefully moves his arm backwards with his stance poised as a dancer, and his gaze completely centered and secure. Like the archer, calm and powerful, Hal represents the spirit of Kyudo, the Japanese practice of archery which means "the way of the bow."

This is one of Hal's secrets to his stores of hidden power.
Hal has developed a strong spirit by nurturing it through diligent attention to his movements, and the environment that surrounds him. Like the archer through his practice of Kyudo, Hal is aware of each of his actions, concentrating not on the arrow ultimately hitting its target, but on remaining focused in each present moment. Being aware of his gaze, posture and stride helps engender the kind of effortless grace that leads to fluidity of mind and body. His inner strength becomes his outer strength. Thank Hal for sharing a secret that will help you develop a physical strength through awareness of each present moment.