Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bongo's Magical Enchantment

A few moons ago, I wrote about Bongo's "Talking Stick." He is a great hunter, (although I am not sure how because he talks so much) and as I talked with Bongo today, he guided me to a spot where he had recently surprised a feathered spirit. He was sharing how the universe is filled with a tangible aura of magic, and how we can collect magical objects. Bongo's collection now consists of his "talking stick" and a feather.

Bongo knows there is no right or wrong way to introduce a magical object into your life. Even though his feather is exquisitely simple, it potentially plays an active role in the shaping of Bongo's experience as it serves a unique and multifaceted purpose. The feather has the power to positively influence Bongo's mood. He knows he can find a magical object anywhere. We can see how the feather works its magic on Bongo as it touches and awakens some primal aspect of himself as he paws, bites and tears at the feather.

Nothing magical around you? No problem says Bongo. Ask the universe for help as a simple feather, unique stone or a powerful item will show up and reveal itself to you and fill your life with magical enchantment. Everyone benefits from magic. Just ask Bongo.