Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bella's Dream

One of the first things you notice about Bella is the distant look in her eyes as she stares into space. Trapped for years in a small cage, her mind had no choice but leave her current physical conditions in order to live. She has survived experiences our minds would choose not to think about. When Big Cat Rescue brought Bella and three other tigers home to the sanctuary, there was a small spark that ignited in Bella's heart giving her hope of a dream her mind had thought of as the years passed as being one step closer to being realized.

Thousands of years ago, primal societies saw the dream realm not only as an extension of reality, but a more powerful world. Ancient societies saw dreams as largely prophetic. Dreams also served as a way wisdom could be passed to new generations. Bella has a dream. She doesn't want anyone to feel the loss of freedom our spirits were born to experience. The lack of ability to take care of yourself and live without dignity and respect dims the light within. Seeing the same things day after day without being exposed to new stimulus drives the mind crazy.

Bella has wisdom that the world is seeking. Even though she now has a bigger home to move and take care of herself, she will never enjoy the freedom her spirit yearns to feel. Bella's dream is a world without cages. If dreams are prophetic and a more powerful world that wisdom can be passed to new generations, will you help make her dream come true?