Monday, May 28, 2007

Sylvester Speaks

Animals are amazing. Bonds are formed between humans and animals that defy explanation. When the unique bond shared by a volunteer keeping a cat's needs met at a sanctuary is no longer there, an emptiness in the soul cries to be filled. Such is the condition of many hearts left behind as Sylvester, one of the finest cougars you would want to know, made the decision earlier this month to continue his work in the heavenly realms.

When I first talked with Sylvester, he wanted me to share with everyone how he represented what a cougar should look like. He was physically strong and beautiful. He had strong genes and his essence exuded power and intelligence. This was Sylvester's main concern as the cougars today are adapting to our ignorance of relationships and are being forced to live in such a way that their genes are changing.

Sylvester loved to play in the water and would come and greet the tours. He would sit high in his tree especially when yard work was being done. You could also find him sitting and watching everything from his hill that provided excellent photo opportunities. I made a video with Sylvester only two weeks before his transition called "Sylvester Speaks." He did actually speak and more importantly, Sylvester is still speaking to our hearts every time we see a cougar. In letting Sylvester go, we can keep the gift he gave us of a bond between our heart and another great spirit that will endure forever. We will miss you my friend.