Monday, May 28, 2007

Sylvester Speaks

Animals are amazing. Bonds are formed between humans and animals that defy explanation. When the unique bond shared by a volunteer keeping a cat's needs met at a sanctuary is no longer there, an emptiness in the soul cries to be filled. Such is the condition of many hearts left behind as Sylvester, one of the finest cougars you would want to know, made the decision earlier this month to continue his work in the heavenly realms.

When I first talked with Sylvester, he wanted me to share with everyone how he represented what a cougar should look like. He was physically strong and beautiful. He had strong genes and his essence exuded power and intelligence. This was Sylvester's main concern as the cougars today are adapting to our ignorance of relationships and are being forced to live in such a way that their genes are changing.

Sylvester loved to play in the water and would come and greet the tours. He would sit high in his tree especially when yard work was being done. You could also find him sitting and watching everything from his hill that provided excellent photo opportunities. I made a video with Sylvester only two weeks before his transition called "Sylvester Speaks." He did actually speak and more importantly, Sylvester is still speaking to our hearts every time we see a cougar. In letting Sylvester go, we can keep the gift he gave us of a bond between our heart and another great spirit that will endure forever. We will miss you my friend.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bella's Dream

One of the first things you notice about Bella is the distant look in her eyes as she stares into space. Trapped for years in a small cage, her mind had no choice but leave her current physical conditions in order to live. She has survived experiences our minds would choose not to think about. When Big Cat Rescue brought Bella and three other tigers home to the sanctuary, there was a small spark that ignited in Bella's heart giving her hope of a dream her mind had thought of as the years passed as being one step closer to being realized.

Thousands of years ago, primal societies saw the dream realm not only as an extension of reality, but a more powerful world. Ancient societies saw dreams as largely prophetic. Dreams also served as a way wisdom could be passed to new generations. Bella has a dream. She doesn't want anyone to feel the loss of freedom our spirits were born to experience. The lack of ability to take care of yourself and live without dignity and respect dims the light within. Seeing the same things day after day without being exposed to new stimulus drives the mind crazy.

Bella has wisdom that the world is seeking. Even though she now has a bigger home to move and take care of herself, she will never enjoy the freedom her spirit yearns to feel. Bella's dream is a world without cages. If dreams are prophetic and a more powerful world that wisdom can be passed to new generations, will you help make her dream come true?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hooked on a Feeling

Do you remember how wonderful it feels to finally give in and allow the tears to flow when we are overwhelmed with our emotions? Tears come from deep within our soul, and when we surrender to the prickling behind our eyes and the lump in our throat, teardrops naturally fall from our eyes. Feelings surface so they can be set free. This was my response as I watched the video Big Cat Rescue produced as they saved the lives of four tigers.

TJ, one of the four beautiful tigers, is already working his magical powers to transform us. As we witnessed the inhumane conditions TJ had known all of his life change, this magnificent Being is now able to stretch his long legs and feel the grass against his belly. He has his own den to rest in out of the hot sun. His water bucket is always full of fresh water for him to drink. He gets fed on a daily basis. TJ's mind can now be stimulated by the lizards, birds and insects that visit his home.

Tears of joy fill our hearts as we watch TJ settle into a better life, yet one that is less than he deserves. Watching TJ begs the question, "Why are we compelled to cage and exploit animals? Where is the compassion and feelings towards our fellow Beings?" TJ knows he is a messenger to humanity and that word is spreading about the interconnectedness of all living creatures. TJ is hooked on a feeling that everything is going to be okay for the first time in his life. Has TJ hooked you on that feeling?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bongo's Magical Enchantment

A few moons ago, I wrote about Bongo's "Talking Stick." He is a great hunter, (although I am not sure how because he talks so much) and as I talked with Bongo today, he guided me to a spot where he had recently surprised a feathered spirit. He was sharing how the universe is filled with a tangible aura of magic, and how we can collect magical objects. Bongo's collection now consists of his "talking stick" and a feather.

Bongo knows there is no right or wrong way to introduce a magical object into your life. Even though his feather is exquisitely simple, it potentially plays an active role in the shaping of Bongo's experience as it serves a unique and multifaceted purpose. The feather has the power to positively influence Bongo's mood. He knows he can find a magical object anywhere. We can see how the feather works its magic on Bongo as it touches and awakens some primal aspect of himself as he paws, bites and tears at the feather.

Nothing magical around you? No problem says Bongo. Ask the universe for help as a simple feather, unique stone or a powerful item will show up and reveal itself to you and fill your life with magical enchantment. Everyone benefits from magic. Just ask Bongo.

Monday, May 21, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we are messengers. Would you kill the messenger?"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Alexander the Great

Alexander, a beautiful Eurasian Lynx, knows how to be a great mate. Together with his partner, Windsong, they have harnessed the power of union. They have discovered the purpose of partnership is to create something greater than they could create alone.

One important aspect of partnership is to choose your partnership consciously. To give you more insight into this concept, Alexander wants you to go into hiding from the outer world and close your eyes. As you relax, picture a big mirror. Consider everyone you meet in life as a mirror reflecting back the parts we like and dislike about ourselves. If we have the courage to recognize our reflections in each other, we can grow through that partnership. A partnership that offers both acceptance of who we are and an opportunity for personal transformation can be fertile ground for growing a healthy, lasting partnership.

Alexander and Windsong have demonstrated life is a collaborative effort. Much of what they do is enhanced by partnership. Together they are stronger because their personal power is multiplied by two. Through being a great mate and partner, you can experience the joys of loving, living and working together. Isn't Alexander Great?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I like to lay around and groom my mate. Appearance is important and self-care is primary. I enjoy people even though I am not on the tour path and am very sweet. Privacy is a good thing, and I often hide from the volunteers. I am relaxed and generally flow with things. If you can't find me, just look for my mate. I won't be far from her. We are very close. Can you guess Who I Am?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Nirvana's Uplifting Showers

Nirvana is a little stinker. Ocelot's have a distinct, foul smelling urine they spray anywhere. This form of communication is particularly effective in the rain forest as the heavy rains tend to wash away the scent of almost anything. Even though Ocelot's tend to be high strung, they will tend to honor a rainy day by settling into their homes and resting.

Nirvana would like to share with you an observation about rain drops as they fall to earth. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, and settle into your favorite spot. Close your eyes and ask Nirvana to come close as you picture a window through which you are both looking up at dark, gray clouds. See the drizzle as it slowly starts to fall. Many cultures believe the miracle of small rain drops falling from the sky is a nourishing gift. It is cleansing and represents the union between heaven and earth.

Most importantly, Nirvana beckons us to listen to the pitter-patter of rain on the rooftops as it is therapeutic and soothing. It reminds us that while the unforeseen will always suddenly appear and be a part of our lives, never forget that every cloud that comes into our lives will have a silver lining, the miracle of heaven manifesting on the earth. Thank Nirvana for helping you with a stronger connection with nature.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Don't say "NO" to me. I have no idea of what that means. I am a small stinker. My face is beautiful even when I growl. Talking is what I do best when I am excited, but when children are around, I am not. My nickname could be "Snapper." One small guess at Who I Am.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Shadow Knows

Spring is in full bloom, and textures of green are deepening in the landscape. I had an opportunity to talk with Sylvester a few days ago, and as I was speaking with him, I wondered why he likes to sit sometimes in trees. I also asked him why he likes to play with the water, why he follows the golf carts and other observations that I wanted more information about when I kept hearing the word "because." Every time I would ask "why," I would hear "because." I knew who kept saying "because" and told Sylvester I would be back to get HIS answers, but first I had to go to the source of who was interrupting and gain understanding "because" The Shadow Knows.

Shadow was determined to answer "because" to every question I prefaced with "why." Growing up, I can't remember how often I would ask "why" to anything I didn't understand only to be given the answer "because" period. People would get quiet after their response, and I would ask "because why." Again, the response would typically be "because." I hadn't thought of this in years until seeing Shadow. He sat looking up at the trees. I looked at Shadow. I looked up at the trees. "Shadow, why are you looking at the trees?" I asked. Shadow replied, "Because."

I know cats love to play games and had come to the conclusion Shadow was playing with me when I heard him say, "Look up and how many leaves do you see?" As I looked around, I couldn't begin to count how many leaves were in different stages of budding and blooming. "There are too many to count," I replied. "That's how many ways there are to interpret something that doesn't mean anything in reality "because" it just IS." The Shadow Knows I am getting used to these AHA moments.

Friday, May 04, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered a change anywhere means a change everywhere. What little change would you make in the life of an animal that would be mirrored everywhere in our world?"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hallelujah's Secret Strength

Hallelujah is a beautiful, South American Cougar, whose strength can be compared to an archer, dressed in elegant, traditional Japanese garb, holding a bow and arrow at a perfectly calculated angle. The archer gracefully moves his arm backwards with his stance poised as a dancer, and his gaze completely centered and secure. Like the archer, calm and powerful, Hal represents the spirit of Kyudo, the Japanese practice of archery which means "the way of the bow."

This is one of Hal's secrets to his stores of hidden power.
Hal has developed a strong spirit by nurturing it through diligent attention to his movements, and the environment that surrounds him. Like the archer through his practice of Kyudo, Hal is aware of each of his actions, concentrating not on the arrow ultimately hitting its target, but on remaining focused in each present moment. Being aware of his gaze, posture and stride helps engender the kind of effortless grace that leads to fluidity of mind and body. His inner strength becomes his outer strength. Thank Hal for sharing a secret that will help you develop a physical strength through awareness of each present moment.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I can sneak up on you quickly unless I am busy talking. I can be rather noisy and aggressive especially when food is being handed out. I am strong and very muscular. Sometimes, I don't realize how strong I am. I have a leader type personality. I can be charming, but I am wild at heart. One of my favorite treats is a frozen, bloody chunk of ice. Do you have a strong hunch Who I Am?