Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Strength in a Small Moses

Even though Moses, a small Southern Bobcat, likes to talk, he gets to the point quickly. "Making the most of your inner strength is easy," according to Moses, "when you accept the responsibility of leading others through the rigors of an emotionally trying ordeal." Mose's inner strength was tested when he was abandoned and didn't know what his future held for him. He had no choice but to call upon his personal power for stamina, wisdom, and direction.

Moses didn't feel entirely qualified to help lead those in charge of his success in healing, but he had decided to live and give one hundred percent of himself towards that goal. Moses trusted in his ability to point his helpers in the right direction to ensure his survival. He was willing to learn and grow as he employed his inner strength. As a result, everyone involved in his recovery saw new potential, not only in Moses, but in themselves. He has blessed us by BEING inner strength in action.