Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Story Tailing" Cloe

The elusive Snow Leopard, Cloe, is a "story tailer." Animals have a rewarding method of learning that involves "speaking and listening" or sometimes thought of as the original interactive method of storytelling. Every culture has traditional knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation by the retelling of events, names and dates.

Cloe would like to share a perspective about storytelling that contains many messages on different levels. Close your eyes and relax as you feel your body blending into your environment. Think of a favorite story you have heard several times. Your first thought is probably how entertaining it is; however, as you meditate on it, you will find it to be educational. Deeper truths will be revealed as your understanding deepens. The story will serve as a guide for life. The relationship between your soul and the story will be transformative.

Cloe wants you to know by BEING who she is, she is "tailing" her story to you. You will hear her story with new ears and understand her past, present and future. You will be transformed as you realize with every choice we make, we create a different story that never has a predetermined ending. Cloe wants to hear your story. Thank her as she listens to what your heart is speaking.