Thursday, April 19, 2007

Running Bear, a Southern Bobcat, wonders what part of "Do not enter my home" you do not understand as he quickly comes to express his displeasure towards anyone trying to clean his Cat-A-Tat. In communicating, Running Bear goes beyond words and speaks his messages through his body language. He has some tips which are clearly black and white that will help you improve your nonverbal communication.

Settle into a quiet space as you relax and focus on your body. This is the first step to know how you feel about anything or anyone. Ask Running Bear to guide you as you learn to listen to the constant messages your body is sending. To begin tuning in to this subtle form of communication, take time to notice what your body is saying. Greet each feeling or sensation as a message carrying wisdom from your body. Listen to what others are communicating to you through their bodies.

Your body can also be a very reliable compass. Anyone who has ever been somewhere they don't want to be has experienced their bodies trying to move them away from that particular situation. Running Bear knows it can be easy to talk yourself into and out of choices you make with your mind, but it isn't as easy to change the truth of your heart that resides within your body. Thank Running Bear for sending you a heartfelt message that you now understand.