Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Distinctive Nikita

Nikita, a beautiful African Lioness, has her own tail of eccentricities that she has incorporated into her BEING. She celebrates her individuality daily by her willingness to let go of any inhibitions. Nikita proudly shares her offbeat traits and preferences with anyone who passes by. She does not edit her BEING and allows her imagination to take her in unexpected simple directions.

Nikita asks you what you would do if you knew for certain no one would judge your choices. To help you choose, flip over on your favorite side as you lay down to relax. Close your eyes and ask Nikita to flop over by you. As you relax, visualize your day without any judgments. Do you secretly desire to replace your traditional clothing with a changing array of hip clothes or perhaps a new career of fire spinning sends your heart pounding. Do you find yourself coloring your hair green or breaking out in some form of belly dancing?

Regardless of the nature of your suppressed peculiarities, stop and ask yourself what is stopping you from integrating them as a part of your life. As soon as you discover the answer, resolve to incorporate at least one into your daily life. Encountering people who will disapprove of your choices is inevitable, but you will give others the courage to BE who they are. Nikita gave you the courage to be who you are, didn't she?