Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Conscious Celebration

Walking through the sanctuary talking with the cats today, one thing was on their minds....a celebration. I thought at first it was Easter; however, I was quickly corrected and it was about being conscious. It took a few of the cats discussing this before I got it. Let me share with you what and how they were celebrating.

By consciously celebrating NOW, the cats were shifting their energies to harmonize with spring. The energy has rested all winter and is starting to rise, bringing forth new creations of all kinds. Most of the cats are now shedding their extra hair they grew for warmth on cooler nights. We can get in sync by shedding those extra pounds we naturally put on in the winter months to keep us warmer. The colors of new blossoms found everywhere remind us it is time to put away the colors of winter including brown, grey and black and store them away in another closet as we get out the bright colors of spring. They are waking up earlier as the days are now getting longer. We have more daylight to finish our work and play.

The cats remind us when we make a conscious celebration, we usher in moments that allow us to go with the flow, not resist it. We harmonize with the rhythms of nature and the universe, and allow it to carry us forward, nurturing us as we flow.