Monday, April 16, 2007

Atlas's Legacy

Several months ago, a family member of Big Cat Rescue decided his purpose in life was complete and left his physical body. Atlas, a male Bengal cat, was never happy being confined. Even though not many people knew or saw Atlas on a daily basis, he had a very important message for us.

He was a constant reminder that no animal is born destined to be in a cage. It is us, through our unconscious emotional needs, who take away their freedoms. This unconscious action of putting a wild animal in a cage is only a reflection of our spirits that we keep in bondage through our belief in separation.

Atlas's desire is for us to K(NOW) we are connected through a Divine Matrix that speaks the same language. It is a language of compassion and love. The ancients taught us our outer world is a manifestation of our inner world. How can we take away an animal's freedom by caging him or her if we, ourselves, were not prisoner's in our inner world first?