Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Shadow Knows

First, there was a sprinkle. Then, there was a light rain that had started to fall upon the tour group as we were approaching Shadow and Sugar. We huddled together under the large branches of a tree that offered little protection, but everyone was happy as Shadow was sitting in the rain, blinking his big eyes at us. "Meow," said Shadow. I wasn't listening to Shadow at first as everyone was chanting, "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day." It was obvious he wasn't going to be ignored and wanted to share something only The Shadow Knows.

As he continued to talk, and I noticed a trickle of water sliding down the small hill that soon became a stream. Everyone was focused on the rain going away, but Shadow. "Why is everyone wanting the rain to go away?" Shadow asked. I laughed and said, "It makes for a bad hair day." Shadow proceeded to get up and walk towards the small hill that the rain was making smaller as the dirt was carried away. Focused intently upon something, he lowered his head to check it out and looked back at me. I could barely see the green sprouts that were peaking through the layers of dirt the rain was clearing.

"Rain is good," Shadow explained. "Don't wish it to go away. Look. It washes away the layers of dust and dirt so the new creations that are trying to break through, can do so easily." As Shadow and I looked at the new growth, I wondered if this was the reason why every culture and generation has stories about creation that involves a flood. Me thinketh I want to know what The Shadow Knows.