Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Natasha's Beauty Tip

Natasha, an extremely beautiful Siberian Lynx, knows the price of being beautiful. There is a high price associated with extreme beauty. Natasha came from a fur farm that raised cats for the sole purpose of "harvesting" them for their beautiful fur. In addition to her beauty, she also has a distinguishing black tipped tail that can help us see her. She understands how people look only to the outer physical appearances to "harvest" information about the beauty they are observing.

Close your eyes and see Natasha standing before you. Take a deep breath and let go of any thoughts you have about her. Now, look closely at her tail. Notice the black tip. Natasha wants you to know the tip is only a small part of something much larger that lies beneath the surface. Seeing beyond her beauty is a loving and affectionate spirit. She is smart and understands what is important in her life. Her life is serving a higher purpose to awaken us and show us where we lack understanding about beautiful fur. She is a BEING, not a cat with beautiful fur that can be used solely for economic gain.

Taking time to go beyond the tip of anything will provide you with a different perspective and provide new eyes in how you look at things. Thank Natasha for sharing with you a beauty tip that will help you see beneath the surface and realize the ONENESS of all living creatures.