Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hercules Unchained

The snow had been falling for several days. Even though the snow leopard's fur had grown longer, cold penetrated his belly as his broad paws continued to sink deeply into the layers of the white, wet drifts. He was prepared for the harsh winter weather and knew food would be scarce. A few days earlier, the snow leopard picked up the scent of a herd of goats making their way through the lower parts of the mountain. He continued to stalk the herd, observing the perfect opportunity to kill his prey as this meal could be the difference in his surviving the winter.

As the storm worsened, one of the goats lost his way and separated from the herd. The snow leopard had not eaten in a long time and was desperate for food. The goat never felt the snow leopard's claws dig deep in his skin as he was immediately killed. Conserving his strength, he began to devour the goat.

After two days of slowly eating the goat, the scent of a man alerted the snow leopard he was in danger. The shepherd of the flock was searching for his missing goat. Even though the snow leopard was still hungry, he surrendered to the approaching threat without reservation and moved on in search of another opportunity to eat.

My heart sank as Hercules shared with me the vision of the snow leopard. "Surrender is not giving up," Hercules said. "It is a simple act of wisdom in which you yield to the flow of life instead of resisting it. There was no inner resistance from the snow leopard to take action in the present moment. Acceptance of what IS connected him with BEING." Hercules knows by surrendering, you recognize the highest and best course of action to take in the present moment.