Monday, March 12, 2007

Cha Cha's Cardio Exercises

Peeking from behind the thick palmetto leaves, two eyes are fixed on me. I stop and wait to hear what this small cat has to say. She is quiet and patiently waits as I ask permission to talk with her. Cha Cha, a jungle cat, has beckoned me to listen to what she wants to share. No visible movement can be detected and yet....

Feelings swell in my heart as I see a squirrel bury a nut that will soon grow to be a tree. Swirling leaves fall around me as the trees release the old, making room for their new buds. Knowledge becomes another's as Shadow meows what he knows to those passing by. A range of emotions have been felt as I know Cha Cha has shared a perspective of nature's spiritual exercises that she feels is cardio for the soul.

Simple workouts for the soul as we plant new ideas that produce new ways of BEING, clearing out what no longer serves us, imparting wisdom to others we have gleaned in our life as our hearts expand and grow strong is soul cardio-nature's way of helping us remember who we are.