Friday, February 02, 2007

Zabu-The Artful Dodger

Zabu loves to play in the water. You can see her run and chase the water as it flows from the hose. She dodges the squirts and streams of water as she begs the volunteers to continue the game. Zabu has learned the art of dodging and wants to share how you can use this technique in your life to avoid unwanted negativity.

Relax and take a deep breath. Ask Zabu to curl up beside you as you continue to breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Focus your awareness on your breath. This will connect you to your body. Listen to how your body feels as you continue to relax. Visualize someone you like. Listen to how your body feels as you think about them. Next, visualize someone you do not like. What is your body telling you? Do you feel the difference in how people affect you? When you are not aware of how they affect you, you will feel cranky, irritated and drained. You may project your acquired negativity to other people. As you become aware of how people affect you, you will be empowered and make new choices. You can dodge the negativity and observe, not absorb the negativity from others.

You can BECOME an artful dodger of negativity as you bring awareness to every situation. You will move as effortless as Zabu. Thank Zabu for sharing this simple technique that will assist you in claiming your power, attracting positive things you desire in your life, and having fun.