Saturday, February 17, 2007

S.O.S.-The End or The Beginning?

Today is a new moon AND the day before the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Before a New Year begins, traditionally, we have let go of the old and ready ourselves for the new. I was thinking about this potent combination when I saw Snorkel. It was no accident that he contacted me today, and I felt he had a special message for us as this is the perfect time to visualize new beginnings.

"Dot-Dot-Dot, Dash-Dash-Dash, Dot-Dot-Dot." Snorkel paused in his communication with me. "Dot-Dot-Dot, Dash-Dash-Dash, Dot-Dot-Dot." It is always a matter of discernment when speaking the universal language, and I wasn't sure what language Snorkel was speaking as I continued to hear dots and dashes. "Help!", I pleaded with Snorkel. "Help, help, help! I am asking you to clarify what I am hearing."

Snorkel chuffed as he walked by me and turned his head and said, "S.O.S. You know that as a universal code for help. It sends out a distress signal that could be the end of something if help is not received immediately. However, using S.O.S. is also the beginning of something." As Snorkel spoke, I could see the waves of the ocean toss a helpless boat closer and closer to a cluster of huge rocks that would smash the structure of the boat if assistance did not respond in time, not the beginning of something new.

Before I could say anything, Snorkel responded, "The beginning of something new is when you perceive S.O.S. as Supporting Our Souls through Sensing Our Source. When you call out for help, it is the signal that you are ready for something new. When you connect with Source, your soul is always supported." In the heavenly realms, S.O.S. is a reminder to connect with Source as Snorkel helps us hear with ears of an angel.