Monday, February 19, 2007

The Shadow Knows

Valentine's Day has just passed. As I was shopping for gifts, I observed people in the mall. Some may call me a "mall-ite", but watching people can reveal interesting patterns. Even though it was a few days before Valentine's Day when romance is everywhere, couples were walking with much distance between them. I wanted to know what was at the core of this problem, and I knew who could give me a perspective I was not aware of and only The Shadow Knows.

Shadow was expecting me when I saw him sauntering over to me. "People pick on one another," Shadow explained. "Pointing out the failures, wrong doings, and frailties of each other creates a great crevass in the form of a fault-line that goes in-between the "One Heart." I wondered if this was the result when we expect the other to fulfill our wishes, wants, dreams and desires when Shadow replied, "The fault-line aligns with a great magnetic force that pushes your heart farther and farther away from the "One." The volume of the heart gets turned way down until you no longer hear it. The disappointment of unfulfilled dreams and desires is less painful that way."

It occurred to me a fault-line could also be the blame we assign to each other when we believe in the illusion of separation. A one line sentence can create a great distance between hearts. It often feels as though an earthquake has shaken us to our core when someone projects misguided anger towards us, and distancing ourselves feels safe. Shadow replied, "It is time for humans to hear and follow the calling of their hearts. It is the only way fault-lines disappear." When will humanity hear what The Shadow Knows?