Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sealed with A Heart Hug

When I met Sarabi last year at the sanctuary, she was the only cat that was always concerned about someone other than herself. I was often asked what Sarabi was thinking. Sarabi would reply, "How are you feeling?" or "What is on your mind?" This was the response when I communicated with Sarabi the very first time. She was concerned about the founder of Big Cat Rescue, Carole Baskin. As the conversation continued, I soon discovered that Sarabi was a Master Guide. She provided inspiration and strength through her messages. At the end of our conversation, she laid down and crossed her huge paws to literally form a heart hug. Tears filled my eyes as her love filled my heart.

This week, Sarabi chose to respond to a higher calling. It was time to continue her evolution in the spirit realm, and she left her physical body behind. She wanted to show me one last thing before she left. At first, I didn't understand her message, but I asked Sarabi to clarify what she was showing me. It was incredible as I sat and felt such awe and humility being in the midst of a great presence.

I had been observing her condition without any of my emotions coloring my perception. I saw that what she believed about something determined the frequency of it. In other words, you can have a disease and if you don't believe it will kill you, the energy or frequency of the disease will not register with any medical tests and it will look normal. It will also not affect your body in a destructive way. However, once you believe it can or will kill you or you are ready to leave, the energy or frequency of the disease will register on a medical test as that disease and it will start a process in your body that will align with your belief system.

Quantum physics has proved this as fact. The guidance Sarabi provided showed me how we can give up being victims by our belief systems and take control of our lives recognizing What Is. Forget labels. Forget belief systems. Let go of the old. Embrace new ways and just BE. Sarabi will continue to guide us from a higher way of BEING, and you will feel her presence as she seals it with a heart hug. We love you Sarabi, and we will miss your physical presence.