Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rambo's Power Location

Rambo, a gorgeous male Jungle Cat, lives in a Cat-A-Tat with tunnels, grasses, hills, bushes, trees and flowers. His favorite spot is a grassy hill. Animals naturally know the locations of major power spots and whether to seek them out or avoid them altogether. They respond to the energy of these locations. Rambo knows power spots tend to amplify the frequency of your own energy field and energize your existing thoughts and emotions.

Rambo wants to help you identify a favorite power spot. Personal power spots can energize you and naturally balance and heal you. They are capable of inspiring you, energizing and raising your frequency level. Go outside where you have plenty of room and ask Rambo to guide you to a "secret" place where you can go for fun, adventure or comfort when you are troubled. Sit down, close your eyes and get a sense of your own spirit body and that of the earth around you. You may have a visual sense of a brighter energy or an urge to walk in a particular direction. You can also rub your hands together and place your palms outward or downward to feel the sensation of buzzing on your hands as you try to locate the spot.

Trust what you feel. Go to the spot. With your eyes closed, notice what it is about this spot that feels different to you from the rest of the nearby area. Ask how you can benefit from being near this spot. Remember to ask permission from the Earth for the use of this spot. Power spots are valuable to you when used with the proper intention. While you are still in your power spot, thank Rambo for sharing his knowledge about power spots that will help you avoid places of potential negativity so you can place yourself instead in ones that positively influence you.