Monday, February 05, 2007

Bagheera's Formless Attention

It has been a while since I talked with Sabre and Bagheera being chosen as the surrogate parents for the three cougar cubs. Bagheera wanted to share with me today her idea of how she is BEING a conscious parent to the three cubs. I was amazed, and I think you will be also when she shares how a parent can bring BEING into a relationship.

"Too many parents give form based attention," Bagheera said. "I am watching and evaluating the cubs by asking if they have eaten or practiced necessary skills for their development. This is necessary and serves to guide them, but if that is all I do, a most vital dimension is missing and BEING becomes obscured by doing." I wondered how BEING can define a conscious parent when Bagheera immediately answered me.

"As I look at, listen to, help or touch the cubs with my heart as they go about their activity, I am alert, still, completely present and not wanting anything other than the moment as it is. This is how I make room for BEING. In the present moment, I am not a mother. I am the alertness, the stillness, the Presence that is listening, looking, touching and speaking. I am the BEING behind the doing." In that moment, I understood how formless attention is one of the most important aspects of BEING a parent and helping us remember who we are.