Monday, February 26, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered that prey passes the tiger who sometimes merely looks, sometimes pounces without hesitation, but never fails to act. Is the tiger a dumb animal?"

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rambo's Power Location

Rambo, a gorgeous male Jungle Cat, lives in a Cat-A-Tat with tunnels, grasses, hills, bushes, trees and flowers. His favorite spot is a grassy hill. Animals naturally know the locations of major power spots and whether to seek them out or avoid them altogether. They respond to the energy of these locations. Rambo knows power spots tend to amplify the frequency of your own energy field and energize your existing thoughts and emotions.

Rambo wants to help you identify a favorite power spot. Personal power spots can energize you and naturally balance and heal you. They are capable of inspiring you, energizing and raising your frequency level. Go outside where you have plenty of room and ask Rambo to guide you to a "secret" place where you can go for fun, adventure or comfort when you are troubled. Sit down, close your eyes and get a sense of your own spirit body and that of the earth around you. You may have a visual sense of a brighter energy or an urge to walk in a particular direction. You can also rub your hands together and place your palms outward or downward to feel the sensation of buzzing on your hands as you try to locate the spot.

Trust what you feel. Go to the spot. With your eyes closed, notice what it is about this spot that feels different to you from the rest of the nearby area. Ask how you can benefit from being near this spot. Remember to ask permission from the Earth for the use of this spot. Power spots are valuable to you when used with the proper intention. While you are still in your power spot, thank Rambo for sharing his knowledge about power spots that will help you avoid places of potential negativity so you can place yourself instead in ones that positively influence you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Sitting as tall as I can on my grassy hill, I watch for anything that moves. My long legs and slender body helps me pounce on unsuspecting lizards. I am constantly on the move. Patience is not for me. Self-care is very important to me. I am easy going and love to talk. I quickly adapt to new situations. I enjoy people coming to see me. Give me affection and hear me smile. Ask your heart Who I Am.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered that the eyes teach us to show compassion and sincerity. What do your eyes teach you when you see us in captivity?"

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Shadow Knows

Valentine's Day has just passed. As I was shopping for gifts, I observed people in the mall. Some may call me a "mall-ite", but watching people can reveal interesting patterns. Even though it was a few days before Valentine's Day when romance is everywhere, couples were walking with much distance between them. I wanted to know what was at the core of this problem, and I knew who could give me a perspective I was not aware of and only The Shadow Knows.

Shadow was expecting me when I saw him sauntering over to me. "People pick on one another," Shadow explained. "Pointing out the failures, wrong doings, and frailties of each other creates a great crevass in the form of a fault-line that goes in-between the "One Heart." I wondered if this was the result when we expect the other to fulfill our wishes, wants, dreams and desires when Shadow replied, "The fault-line aligns with a great magnetic force that pushes your heart farther and farther away from the "One." The volume of the heart gets turned way down until you no longer hear it. The disappointment of unfulfilled dreams and desires is less painful that way."

It occurred to me a fault-line could also be the blame we assign to each other when we believe in the illusion of separation. A one line sentence can create a great distance between hearts. It often feels as though an earthquake has shaken us to our core when someone projects misguided anger towards us, and distancing ourselves feels safe. Shadow replied, "It is time for humans to hear and follow the calling of their hearts. It is the only way fault-lines disappear." When will humanity hear what The Shadow Knows?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

S.O.S.-The End or The Beginning?

Today is a new moon AND the day before the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Before a New Year begins, traditionally, we have let go of the old and ready ourselves for the new. I was thinking about this potent combination when I saw Snorkel. It was no accident that he contacted me today, and I felt he had a special message for us as this is the perfect time to visualize new beginnings.

"Dot-Dot-Dot, Dash-Dash-Dash, Dot-Dot-Dot." Snorkel paused in his communication with me. "Dot-Dot-Dot, Dash-Dash-Dash, Dot-Dot-Dot." It is always a matter of discernment when speaking the universal language, and I wasn't sure what language Snorkel was speaking as I continued to hear dots and dashes. "Help!", I pleaded with Snorkel. "Help, help, help! I am asking you to clarify what I am hearing."

Snorkel chuffed as he walked by me and turned his head and said, "S.O.S. You know that as a universal code for help. It sends out a distress signal that could be the end of something if help is not received immediately. However, using S.O.S. is also the beginning of something." As Snorkel spoke, I could see the waves of the ocean toss a helpless boat closer and closer to a cluster of huge rocks that would smash the structure of the boat if assistance did not respond in time, not the beginning of something new.

Before I could say anything, Snorkel responded, "The beginning of something new is when you perceive S.O.S. as Supporting Our Souls through Sensing Our Source. When you call out for help, it is the signal that you are ready for something new. When you connect with Source, your soul is always supported." In the heavenly realms, S.O.S. is a reminder to connect with Source as Snorkel helps us hear with ears of an angel.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nakita Listens to a Different Drummer

Nakita, a beautiful Bobcat, knows that rhythm can renew us on a daily basis. She was in harmony with another cat she helped take care of until he passed. It was easy for Nakita because she recognized the natural cycle and rhythm the older cat was experiencing. Nakita is being of service to us as she shares ancient wisdom that will help us remember that our lives are infused with rhythm beginning at the first moment we sense our mother's heartbeat in her womb.

Close your eyes and curl up in a comfortable chair. Ask Nakita to breathe deeply with you as you relax. One of Nakita's favorite ways to synchronize her BEING with her natural rhythms is to listen to the sounds of a drum beating. Drumming is one of the oldest forms of music on the planet. Almost every culture has practiced some form of drumming. Native American cultures use drumming as a means to reconnect an individual's mental and physical selves.

All kinds of drumming has the ability to put us in touch with our natural rhythms, the rhythms of the earth, and the rhythms of the people we choose to drum with. Nakita suggests you see the drum representing your heart. As you listen to the drum beating, allow the drumming to take you to a place deep inside yourself where you are aware of your body and mind. The drum has it's own vibration and voice. Allow the drumming to speak to you as you release tension and stress. You will begin to feel the natural rhythms that exist everywhere around you. You will reconnect with the hearts that you formerly saw as separate and feel the beat of the One. Thank Nakita for this special Valentine message as you continue to listen to a different drummer.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I am an older cat who recognizes patterns. Everything has a rhythm and pattern to it, you just have to look for it. I am a nurturing spirit and like to take care of things. I can be very protective. I know when something needs help and am happy to be of service. It is who I am. I like being by myself now. Sometimes I don't eat very good. I keep hidden now and watch under the cover of the trees and bushes. Can you recognize Who I Am?

Friday, February 09, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered that evolution does not depend upon the spirit of physical strength and fitness, but the spirit of cooperation. How would this change your behavior and attitude towards animals?"

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sealed with A Heart Hug

When I met Sarabi last year at the sanctuary, she was the only cat that was always concerned about someone other than herself. I was often asked what Sarabi was thinking. Sarabi would reply, "How are you feeling?" or "What is on your mind?" This was the response when I communicated with Sarabi the very first time. She was concerned about the founder of Big Cat Rescue, Carole Baskin. As the conversation continued, I soon discovered that Sarabi was a Master Guide. She provided inspiration and strength through her messages. At the end of our conversation, she laid down and crossed her huge paws to literally form a heart hug. Tears filled my eyes as her love filled my heart.

This week, Sarabi chose to respond to a higher calling. It was time to continue her evolution in the spirit realm, and she left her physical body behind. She wanted to show me one last thing before she left. At first, I didn't understand her message, but I asked Sarabi to clarify what she was showing me. It was incredible as I sat and felt such awe and humility being in the midst of a great presence.

I had been observing her condition without any of my emotions coloring my perception. I saw that what she believed about something determined the frequency of it. In other words, you can have a disease and if you don't believe it will kill you, the energy or frequency of the disease will not register with any medical tests and it will look normal. It will also not affect your body in a destructive way. However, once you believe it can or will kill you or you are ready to leave, the energy or frequency of the disease will register on a medical test as that disease and it will start a process in your body that will align with your belief system.

Quantum physics has proved this as fact. The guidance Sarabi provided showed me how we can give up being victims by our belief systems and take control of our lives recognizing What Is. Forget labels. Forget belief systems. Let go of the old. Embrace new ways and just BE. Sarabi will continue to guide us from a higher way of BEING, and you will feel her presence as she seals it with a heart hug. We love you Sarabi, and we will miss your physical presence.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's the Rush?

When I help feed Papa Bear his fruit, I always stay until he finishes eating. He eats slow, and I want to make sure no other critters invite themselves to a free meal. I wondered if he got more gratification in eating slower than the cats, as they quickly devour what is served them. So, I was surprised as I sat watching him eat his bananas when he looked at me and said, "There is no purpose in hurrying, for every experience that is chosen must be fully digested for the nutritional benefits of the soul to be completely absorbed and integrated. You are addicted to instant gratification even though you never find it. You make everything possible Now, but you are seldom present to enjoy it Now." Papa Bear was showing me an aspect of the Presence Process we are remembering.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bagheera's Formless Attention

It has been a while since I talked with Sabre and Bagheera being chosen as the surrogate parents for the three cougar cubs. Bagheera wanted to share with me today her idea of how she is BEING a conscious parent to the three cubs. I was amazed, and I think you will be also when she shares how a parent can bring BEING into a relationship.

"Too many parents give form based attention," Bagheera said. "I am watching and evaluating the cubs by asking if they have eaten or practiced necessary skills for their development. This is necessary and serves to guide them, but if that is all I do, a most vital dimension is missing and BEING becomes obscured by doing." I wondered how BEING can define a conscious parent when Bagheera immediately answered me.

"As I look at, listen to, help or touch the cubs with my heart as they go about their activity, I am alert, still, completely present and not wanting anything other than the moment as it is. This is how I make room for BEING. In the present moment, I am not a mother. I am the alertness, the stillness, the Presence that is listening, looking, touching and speaking. I am the BEING behind the doing." In that moment, I understood how formless attention is one of the most important aspects of BEING a parent and helping us remember who we are.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Zabu-The Artful Dodger

Zabu loves to play in the water. You can see her run and chase the water as it flows from the hose. She dodges the squirts and streams of water as she begs the volunteers to continue the game. Zabu has learned the art of dodging and wants to share how you can use this technique in your life to avoid unwanted negativity.

Relax and take a deep breath. Ask Zabu to curl up beside you as you continue to breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Focus your awareness on your breath. This will connect you to your body. Listen to how your body feels as you continue to relax. Visualize someone you like. Listen to how your body feels as you think about them. Next, visualize someone you do not like. What is your body telling you? Do you feel the difference in how people affect you? When you are not aware of how they affect you, you will feel cranky, irritated and drained. You may project your acquired negativity to other people. As you become aware of how people affect you, you will be empowered and make new choices. You can dodge the negativity and observe, not absorb the negativity from others.

You can BECOME an artful dodger of negativity as you bring awareness to every situation. You will move as effortless as Zabu. Thank Zabu for sharing this simple technique that will assist you in claiming your power, attracting positive things you desire in your life, and having fun.